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Custom Cables

Hansoft supplies our customers with high quality custom designed overmolded cables, cable assemblies, harnesses and looms made to our customer specifications. We require low MOQs, so whether you require low or high volume production we can manufacture the cables quickly, at very competitive prices, and ship them to our customers rapidly.

We can manufacture cables that meet specifications required for Commercial, Marine, Military and Medical requirements.

Cables made by Hansoft are:


- Manufactured using state of the art electronic and electric equipment 100% tested using the latest cable test equipment.

- Batch sample tested to comply to your specifications for flexibility, flex fractures, shape conformity, insulation characteristics, liquid permeability and many other requirements.

- Optionally made using process logging machines with full tractability supplied to the customer such as required for cables used in Medical environments.

- Generally overmolded or optionally made using the connector manufacturer specified by the customer, including - European connector manufactures.

- RoHS compliant unless required otherwise.

- Made to the liquid and dust proofing standard you require, eg IP67.

- Made in China.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality customized solutions quickly and in a cost effective manner to work in partnership with our customers.


We use CAD systems to minimize the time for developing customized solutions and to support remote drawing and data exchange during the design approval process; The factories uses industry standard rapid modeling systems supporting the quick availability of samples.

We can manufacture data cables, harnesses and looms for Commercial, Medical, Marine and Military applications even with low MOQs at very competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality customised solutions quickly and in a cost effective manner through the use of:

Typical specification and supply process:


- Client supplies their specification and volume required

- Hansoft asks technical questions (if required)

- Initial quotation given to client

- CAD and PDF format drawing sent to client for approval

- Samples produced

- Samples approved by Client

- Volume cable production

- First production cables supplied to client


Hansoft delivers customised solutions fulfilling the specific needs of your application, including the design and manufacture of cables to your specification with custom hoods, housings and moulds. Full process recording can be supplied if required.


A sample section of the type of cables we can make for you can been seen in the Example Cables list.

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