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Covid-19 Business Continuity Statement

Date:2020-07-17  Click:2246

We at Hansoft are working closely with our customers, suppliers and staff to ensure that we are responding effectively to the Covid-19 outbreak in order to minimise the impact on our operations and service.


Where possible, our office-based staff are working from home in order to combat the spread of Covid-19.However, for customers it will be business as usual as we already have robust systems in place to allow for flexible working locations and do not anticipate any loss of communication.


Our production facilities in the UK and China remain fully operational with robust measures being taken to protect our staff.We are fully committed to providing sufficient resources and equipment to ensure the Company can operate in line with Government guidelines.


In line with customers’ requests, we have adopted a social distancing policy for our field-based teams and our Area Managers will communicate with customers via their preferred contact method for business reviews.


At this stage, our China Factory all department are improving capacity on a daily basis and our Internal Sales Teams will continue to advise customers with weekly order book updates.


We advise all customers, suppliers and staff to stay safe and try to do what they can to slow the spread of this virus.We will update this page as and when there are further developments.

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