Coaxial Cable Assembly


Termination with cables


Commonly used for semi-rigid cables and small flexible cables. Temperature and solder flux are the most critical factors during soldering process. We can use automatically metered soldering for quality maintenance across a production batch.


Providing a quick and easy termination.

Recommended Cables

  • RG-coaxial types are in accordance with MIL-C-17;
  • Mini Coaxial cable RG179;

Cable construction


Inner conductor bare, tinned or silver plated copper conductors


Insulation PVC, PU, PE, FEP, PTFE,


Outer conductor bare, tinned or silver plated braiding with 1 or 2 layers.


Outer jacket overmolded PVC, PE, PU, FEP, PTFE

Temperature range

35 to +80, -55 to +200

Cable impedance

50 ohm


75 ohm

Rated temperature

200 Deg C

Rated voltage


Typical applications - high frequency transmission, especially for transmitters and receivers, colour monitors, radio and TV transmissions.
Pass UL VW-1 & CSA FT1/PT1 Vertical Flame Test.

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